Peter Paul Rubens Award 2015 Italy

"Golden Age"

as a cultural and intellectual, humanity words, books and live life in war countrys and humanity help for people and children in the world

27.Juni 2015



Lecce anno 1800


































Peter Paul Rubens Prize 2015

Artist Gabrill

“we are honored to inform you that you have been selected and candidate for the Award of " Peter Paul Rubens Award 2015”

our Artistic Director, intends to express to you their appreciation for your work as a cultural and intellectual, with which, beyond the pictorial grammar implementation, has contributed to the development and affirmation of European Art in the world. Mythological from TERRE DEL SALENTO, bathed by the Mediterranean, which were the cradle of civilization of the ancient Greeks and Romans, who took in the recent past, a geographically strategic importance

in the artistic panorama of the Civilization of the broader European Baroque(better known by the appellation of the "Golden Age"), where the headquarters of our Association, we are proud to inform you that on 27 June 2015 at the Grand Hotel President, will host the international Event for the delivery of the High Awards by Title

"Pieter Paul RUBENS",
the 400th Anniversary of the creation of the Opera Flemish painting by the Master, the title

"Dear Maestro Gabrill with the High Recognition of Art today conferred the Honorary Committee, will appreciate your contribution Cultural which thus becomes a treasure trove of values added to the History of Contemporary Art, values not only iconography but, above all, human, in a universe ethical-moral magnificently represented by Art Baroque, in the wider European Baroque, of which Rubens is one of the greatest expressions of it. "

Direzione Artistica Associazione cultural Italia
“Pieter Paul Rubens”

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