Sotheby’s Institute of Art

Project May 2020

Art Save Humanity




“Art Saves Humanity is proud to present a world-class collection of multi-disciplinary judges. Diverse backgrounds and eclectic tastes, yet all focused on excellence and aided by a team from Sotheby’s Institute. Our process worked like this: the entire artist entry pool was evaluated by the Sotheby’s team and SeeMe curatorial. Then the top 100 was submitted and judged by the panel. In total, it was a two-step blind process focused on merit and consistency with the competition guidelines.”





The energy for Art Saves Humanity grew out of a recognition that during this time of uncertainty and fear,

reminding the world of beauty was a necessity. 

Artists around the world answered that call. 

We were overwhelmed and we believe you will be too...look here to see some of their work.


Then the top 100 was submitted and judged by the panel



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